A team vacation to Mt. Hood with Airblaster! The boarders came from near and far to attend SKOLF at Timberline last February, so why not film a video? We called up Kyle Schwartz and checked his availability, he was down. Boom, we got a filmer, SKOLF event on the horizon, and some shred freaks ready to tear apart Mama Hood. Wax your sticks, watch the flick, phone your friends, and get ready to shred... winter is near! 

Video by: Kyle Schwartz

Additional video: Logan Beaulieu

Produced by: Jack Hewitt

Riders include: Alek Oestreng, Len Jorgensen, Max Warbington, Erik Leon, Tucker Andrews, Jackson Fowler, Freddy Perry, Krish Lerand, Markus Rustad, Bryden Bowley, Naima Antolin, Gus Warbington, Max Tokunaga, & Stan.

Locations: Mt. Hood Skibowl, Timberline, Donner Summit

It's an Airblaster video, of course there's going to be backflips. Alek came all the way from Norway to do a little something we call, "representing for the brand."

Erik & Markus, ready to shred. Mt. Hood Skibowl gifted us with a pow day!

Len bootin' up, some nice tread on those bad boys.

Tucker gettin' tatted. Dirks creating art that lasts for a lifetime. @dick_nirks on IG to schedule an appointment & see more tattoos!

More ink! Jacko wanted in on the fun, too. Blasters for life!

Alek didn't get a Dirks tat, but decided to poke his board instead.

Rope life is the good life, Warbs will tell ya the same thing. Get to Skibowl for maximum jib time.

A true family vibe : )

Ah, Mt. Hood in all her glory, thanks for the good times!