Sandy Struggle

Representing the perfect marriage of rugged style and flattering cut, the Nicolette Jacket is based on Nick Dirks’ original Grumpy Jacket, made for those with curves. Not that Nick doesn’t have great curves, but they’re just not as awesome as your curves. The Nicolette Jacket is made for you and yours.

Tough, feminine, slightly stretchy Slim Fit pants that are tight enough for your emo brother, but rugged enough to stand up to the abuse that Party Pelosi hands out to hers when she’s out sled-necking around and bashing pillows in the Canadian wilderness. Pelosi wears My Brother's Pant for pillow fights and snowmobiles, that’s the mix we’re talking about. Without a struggle, visit myairblaster.com to find the Nicolette Jacket and My Brother's Pant.