• I have realized that over the cosure of making a relationship with real estate entrepreneurs, you’ll be able to get them to understand that, in every real estate deal, a fee is paid. In the end, FSBO sellers don’t save the commission payment. Rather, they struggle to win the commission simply by doing the agent’s task. In the process, they invest their money and time to complete, as best they could, the responsibilities of an representative. Those tasks include disclosing the home via marketing, presenting the home to all buyers, making a sense of buyer urgency in order to induce an offer, preparing home inspections, controlling qualification inspections with the lender, supervising repairs, and facilitating the closing.

  • Sorry you had a sucky experience. I had a 24 hour autalmbory EEG right before Ike hit Houston. Like, the guy hooked me up on Thursday and returned on Friday, the day of Ike, to unhook me. And he told me, in case he couldn’t get to me, to have nail polish remover on hand, because the primary ingredient in his remover was acetone. My guy was super nice — left me his cell and told me to call anytime with problems or questions. Truth be told, I was so preoccupied by the hurricane that I didn’t care too much about the bits of glue that were still coming out a week later, but I’m not a 9-year-old in school. THANK GOD.


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