• Revelo – I agree with you; loss of flexibility is a huge pobelrm in the elderly, (among other groups), and of course it’s not one factor. In the elderly I’d say excessive medications (the average today is 14), poor balance due to lack of exercise and improper footwear (footwear is big – elderly wear propioception altering “orthotic” shoes and never go barefoot), and yes, poor nutrition is also a factor. If, and once, these factors are taken care of then I’m all for some light mobility stretching – dynamic movements that also help strength and balance are ideal. And with yoga – yes, but most people who do yoga don’t have a clue what they’re doing, and do moves they aren’t ready for, so they’re overstretching and causing pobelrms.

  • Sorry for your glue woes. This is an inconvenience you ceatnirly didn’t need. I’m chiming in to tell you that I think we are among the many who are pissed at the medical industry. I have a son with a brain tumor. He’s doing well and we believe that in the long run, he will be just fine, but he has this pesky (nicest word I can think of right now) little part that keeps growing back. Each time I review his MRI scans, I think "really? this is the best technology we have? In an era of iphones and laptops as slim as a manila envelope, this MRI picture is the best you can do to determine what’s going on inside my son’s precious skull? I’m pissed too.


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