2015 Women's Merino Ninja Suit

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This full-featured Merino Suit is strong enough for a Woman, but fit for a lady. Our proprietary Woolverino merino alloy fabric incorporates all natural Tencel fibers into its fine knit, creating a luxuriously soft Merino blend that is 44% stronger and dries twice as fast as our original Merino fabric. Amenities include Melange colors from Mild to Wild, a Women's specific fit, and the best function on the planet. Did we mention how incredibly easy it is to pee out of this thing? Deal sealed!

  • NEW-Woolverino Merino Alloy Fabric
  • Extra strength Tencel added to our Merino wool fabric increases life and improves rebound of fabric, prevents pilling, and dry's faster
  • 55% Merino, 37% Tencel, 8% Spandex
  • Mid-weight base layer
  • Superior odor resistance
  • 7-Panel form-fitting hood
  • Full-length front chest zip
  • Thumb loops at cuff
  • 350 degree waist zip-easy #2 bathroom access

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