Respect Your Elders DVD

Do you want to link up with Travis Parker for a snowboard trip deep into the remote San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado? Or have Temple Cummins show you around Mt Baker for a week after a huge spring storm?

Respect Your Elders follows Ben Lynch and Brandon Cocard, two young up- and coming pro snowboarders on a quest for a video part and the winter of a lifetime! The Plan? Take a 5000 mile road trip from Tahoe to Alaska, and ride legendary mountains with some of snowboarding’s most respected and admired Legends: Travis Parker, Temple Cummins, Josh Dirksen, and Mikey Basich. From the Sierra Nevada, to the San Juans, through the North Cascades, and on up to the Chugach, these boys are in for an adventure, and you’re invited along for the ride - 2010.


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