We are a small team of lifetime board dorks, with jobs. Among other things, we love to snowboard, and this has brought us together at Airblaster.  As far as we know, Airblaster is the only company 100% privately owned and operated by dedicated, lifelong, professional board dorks.  


Ninja Suit base layers and Airblaster premium outerwear.  We make these and other original fun products for the mountains, travel, and daily life.  We are serious about making great products, because we understand that when you’re using quality gear, you are free to focus on fun and fully live the experience in front of you.  


Earth, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA.  Whether exploring our own backyard or the deepest reaches of Japan, we’re making a good time of it.  Airblaster products are manufactured in Vietnam, China, and Japan in clean, climate-controlled, socially-responsible garment factories, and are available globally from our fine dealers, online partners, or directly from Airblaster.


To share fun, freedom, friendship, and great products.  We do what we do because it is literally our job.  And it makes us happy to share positive ideals and great products with you.  Want to support? Give us a follow and please consider voting for us with your dollar, the next time you vote.  Thanks for your time and consideration, and please do not forget to Stay Wild!  


Airblaster was founded 22 years ago in a basement in Portland, Oregon, USA.  

Co-founder and pro snowboarder Travis Parker was shredding the earth flipping out.  He invested some startup money and flew the flag while filming for and co-creating the iconic Robot Food films.  Meanwhile co-founders Jesse Grandkoski and Paul Miller added the blood, sweat, tears, and personal debt needed to get the Airblaster machine up and flying, albeit dangerously and just above the treetops.  Our pilots struggled through turbulence and tailwinds to gain elevation and—in what might be described as a miracle—we’re still airborne! Currently on track for its 22nd circumnavigation of the sun, Airblaster remains 100% human powered, operated by a team of talented, hard working, and outrageously hilarious employees that keep the jet engines firing and the ship moving forward.